Brands of All Sizes Love Matradee L!

"[Matradee L] saves the servers so much time and effort."

Tom Pape

General Manager

"It allows [the servers] more time in the restaurants with [the guests]. With reduced trips to the kitchen, it has allowed us to increase section size and accommodates more [guests] throughout the meal service."

Thad Parton

Director of Restaurant Operations

"If you have an expeditor in the kitchen to load the soups, salads, beverages, and entrees, the server is able to stay in the dining room giving better service to our guests."

Bruce Groft

Regional Dining Services Manager, Presbyterian Senior Living

"The robot is a great asset to the community and dietary team, as it doesn’t replace anyone but adds to the quality of service."

Peggy Morgan


"It allows us to do what we think we do best, which is to interact with the guests."

Kelly Nowicki

Operations Administrator

"The robot allows us to more efficiently get the food from the kitchen to the landing stations. It's  incredibly helpful."

Change Robertson


More Effective, Less Cost

Matradee L costs just 1/3 of typical minimum wage. That means more money for hiring, food, and other goals.

Simplified Staffing

Matradee L works without breaks, callouts, or turnover. Enjoy dependable service all day every day, even when employee-related scheduling issues arise.

Your guests deserve more time with you.

Product Features

See what makes Matradee L the best delivery robot.

icon avoiding obstacles

Advanced Obstacle Avoidance

Equipped with LIDAR and AI camera technology, Matradee L effectively avoids even unexpected obstacles, including people.

icon of heavy weight

High-Capacity Trays

Matradee L’s three adjustable trays carry 22 pounds each. Serve multiple tables or high-volume tables in a single go!

icon of adjusting settings

Customizable Advertising Screen

Matradee L's screen doubles as an advertising platform. Display custom videos, pictures, and audio to show your guests what’s important to you.

icon of speedy delivery

Quick Install

Richtech handles the evaluation, install, and training. Be up and running in a day and with no service interruptions.

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