Discover the powerful benefits of our robotic ARM


Performs excellently in any fast-paced environment


Able to generate revenue 24/7, no breaks needed

Able to run

Max arm speed




The ARM can generate revenue in many ways


Robot Barista

Robot Fry Cook

Robot Food Preparation

As a robotic barista, ARM can make hot and cold coffee drinks in under a minute.

ARM can use cocktail shakers, traditional beer taps, and much more!

Precise movements enable ARM to be trained as a skilled sous chef.

"It’s making everything more efficient. People are coming in with their phones, recording, taking pictures. Everybody is loving it."

Ana Ortiz, General Manager

Sugar Mediterranean Bistro

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Why companies work with us


We supply a complete robotic solution for businesses with varying needs


We provide a cloud platform where you can track efficiency & production


We have over well over 20 years of B2B solutions experience


Able to be operated 24/7

Imagine the possibility of being able to generate revenue all day, every day. ARM fits in perfectly in highly active environments where service can truly be 24/7. Provide an unparalleled standard of service in an exciting package with our ARM solution.

Precision within ± 0.1mm

ARM gives you the ability to leverage the power of ultimate precision in your business. Are you used to drinks being over-poured? Food being portioned inconsistently? ARM's uniform movements will ensure that your product is perfect, every time.


Custom grips to fit any need

Our clients come to us with a wide variety of business problems that need solving. No matter the challenge, we are able to develop the hardware and software to accomplish any task.

Six joints for ultimate flexibility

ARM is more flexible than a human, with six joints that range from 180° to 270° in each arm. This gives ARM the ability to perform complicated sequences effortlessly.


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