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diagram of the front of matradee the server robot for restaurants

Sturdy Build. Sleek Design. Smart Interface.


Easy to set up for immediate use 

12-14 hour battery life for all-day shifts

Returns to charging base automatically


Customizable and autonomous 


Can be programmed to sync with your current “technology”

Utilize multiple Matradee robots to run at once


Avoids collisions by navigating around obstacles

Compact build capable of navigating within a 24 inch space

Low center of gravity for a stable operation

Smartwatch connectivity and functionality

Can send Matradee to locations remotely  

Bar & Restaurant Expo 2022

Richtech Robotics in the Media

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Client Base

  • 5,000 businesses worldwide have taken advantage already

  • Owners are empowering their team with Matradee like never before

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Proven Reliability

  • Matradee can run for up to 6,000 hours without issue

  • The high-quality battery has a  20,000 hours lifetime

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Prioritized Safety Features

  • A thick chassis gives Matradee a low center of gravity for stability

  • Matradee’s smart-sensing technology makes obstacle maneuvering a breeze

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Unsurpassed Working Hours

  • Matradee works 12 hour shifts daily with no problems

  • Perfect for lightening the load at any time

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Comprehensive Service  

  • Highly-trained technicians are available nationwide

  • Always have quick access no matter where you are

Service coverage across the United States

richtech service area covers the whole united states


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