Hotel Robots
Upgraded with AI and Modularity

One chassis, multiple modules, endless possibilities. From sparkling floors to seamless deliveries, Skylark takes care of it all, letting you focus on what matters most - your guests.

Skylark is more than a robot.
It's a hotel operating system.

Skylark works together with an AI platform that integrates into your hotel to streamline operations and elevate your guests experience. Our AI platform intelligently responds to guest requests and dispatches a robot or a human, depending on the task.

Skylark is a single chassis with interchangeable modules and AI to assist guests

Guests can connect with Skylark's AI platform directly through phone, website, or smart from device. Depending on the nature of the guest's request, Skylark's AI platform will respond in a few different ways.

If a guest calls asking for information...

...our AI platform intelligently and instantly responds with the correct information.

If a guest calls asking for a delivery...

...our AI platform dispatches Skylark to use the delivery module to pick up the item and quickly deliver it to the guest.

If a guest calls asking for a cleaning service...

...our AI platform dispatches Skylark to use the cleaning module to locate the mess and clean it up.

Seamless elevator connectivity

Our proprietary elevator elevator-enabled technology makes it the perfect partner for multi-story hotels. Skylark navigates floors seamlessly, delivers room service with ease, and keeps your guests happy – from penthouse to lobby.

Ready to level up your hospitality?

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Delivering exceptional service

No more lobby logjams or frustrated guests. Skylark whisks orders to doorsteps fast and discreetly, keeping your staff available for more personalized service.

Provide efficient service

Keep your lobby clear and welcoming. Skylark delivers directly to rooms, eliminating long lines and frustrated guests.

Generate more revenue

Reduce costs and boost sales with Skylark's easy ordering system. Add on our Smart Vending Machine for automatic item dispensing.

Increase guest satisfaction

Faster room service means happier guests and fewer complaints. Skylark helps you boost your online ratings and leave a lasting positive impression.

Free your human staff from the mundane

While Skylark handles the routine tasks, your staff can focus on what they do best - creating unforgettable guest experiences.

Cleanliness that shines

Skylark's cleaning module is a tireless teammate, keeping your floors spotless and your guests comfortable. Keep your maids in the rooms, Skylark takes care of the rest.

Effortless floors, every time

Whether it's hardwood, carpet, or tile, Skylark tackles any surface with ease. Program cleaning schedules, and let Skylark handle the rest.

Get in the nooks and crannies

Skylark's powerful suction and smart navigation system reach even the tiniest corners, leaving your floors dust-free and allergen-free.

Free up your maids

Skylark takes care of the common areas so that your staff can focus on more important areas, like rooms.

Enjoy peace and quiet

Enjoy silence with Skylark's quiet operation, providing a serene ambiance for guests.

Delivery Module Technical Specifications

Compartment Volume

>13 gallons

Compartment Dimensions

L12.2" x W12.5" x H9.8" each



Operating Speed


Narrowest Passing Distance


Elevator enabled?


Operating Time


ADA Ramp Compliant?





H3.1ft x L1.7ft x W1.5ft


LiDAR, 3D Cameras, Ultrasonic


10.1" Touchscreen

Cleaning Module Technical Specifications

Cleaning Mode

Vacuum, sweep, scrub

Cleaning Efficiency

980-1640 ft²/h

Operating Noise


Operating Speed


Narrowest Passing Distance


Elevator enabled?


Operating Time


ADA Ramp Compliant?


Dust Bag Capacity



H1.9ft x L2.3ft x W1.5ft


LiDAR, 3D Cameras, Ultrasonic


Schedule or manual clean


Here are some common questions that we get asked about Skylark. If your question isn't here, reach out to us and we will answer quickly!

Is Skylark safe?

Yes, Skylark is extremely safe. Skylark comes equipped with LiDAR, 3D cameras, and ultrasonic sensors that help it navigat through even the most chaotic environments.

Does Skylark have other modules?

Yes, Skylark will have other modules that it can swap out in the future! We are currently developing several. If you have a use case that needs a specific module, reach out to us! We develop custom solutions for our robots quite often.

Is Skylark easy to maintain and repair?

Yes, Skylark is simple to maintain and repair! We train your staff on how to easily and quickly maintain Skylark during the installation process.

Does Skylark come with technical support?

Yes, Skylark comes with technical support! If any technical issues occur during operation, a friendly Richtech Robotics tech support specialist will assist you remotely.

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