What sets us apart from other robotics companies?

We pride ourselves on offering a complete robotics solution. Whether you're looking to automate production, cleaning, or delivery, we have robust automated solutions that generate revenue and solve your business problems.

Since its inception, Richtech Robotics solutions have been implemented across the country in restaurants, hotels, casinos, senior living homes, factories and retail centers. Our goal is bring people together by automating the tasks that keep them apart.  

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Experience in technology that's unrivaled

Established in 2016, Richtech has been delivering cutting edge enterprise solutions to America’s largest corporations for almost 20 years. As a world leader in B2B technology solutions, Richtech defines itself through the commitment to its clients and endless drive for innovation. With partners in over 120 countries/territories around the globe, and over 1000 US B2B customers, Richtech aims to enhance everyday lives and bring the world closer together.

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Our commitment to our clients sets us apart from other robotics companies.

"A team of two robots from Richtech Robotics fills in for roughly three human workers."

Shawn Fontaine

Dining General Manager, Wesley Enhanced Living

"Beemo, our robot here is the best thing. It has helped me when I only have two servers or even one on the floor and I get through the night without any complaints.”

Jeremy Caro

General Manager, Dua Vietnamese Restaurant

"The robot allows us to more efficiently get the food from the kitchen to the landing stations in our auditoriums, where it's then delivered to our guests. I don't think we ever envisioned this being something that would become our reality. And not only is it our reality, it's actually something that's incredibly helpful."

Chance Robertson

President, Flix Brewhouse

"Guests love it, it goes to their table and tells them that their food is being delivered."

Erin Leffler

General Manager, The Distillery

"It's a new technology. I am excited. The robots are taking the food to table number nine, which means my waiter can take the order for table number eight or seven. That really helps us."

Gulshan Soni

Owner, New London Restaurant

"The robot is a great asset to the community and dietary team, as it doesn’t replace anyone but adds to the quality of service".

Peggy Morgan

Administrator, Heritage Woods

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