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Experience the Power of our Automated Cooking Machine

Revolutionary electromagnetic heating combined with automation

Our automatic cooking machines uses electromagnetic heating, combined with a 360 degree rotating stainless steel pot and programmable cooking settings. Our cooking machine offers repeatability and quick production of special dishes, and is suitable for catering style dishes. ACE is safer and more environmentally friendly than traditional gas stoves.

ace automated wok cooks stir fry

Our auto cooking machine crafts a variety of popular dishes!

beef, broccoli, and red chile entree
chow mein entree with beef, broccoli, and mushrooms
fried food plate with carrots
butter chicken curry plate
vegetable medley entree
creamy shrimp curry entree
ace automated wok dumping out food

Large capacity pot

American made stainless steel non-stick pot. Anti-stick coating.

Infrared temperature measurement

Controllable temperature, able to make small precise adjustments to meet the cooking needs of different dishes.

ace automated wok cooking stir fry with heat
ace automated wok showing menu

Intuitive touch screen display

Can store up to 100 recipes. Utilizes smart learning function to program new cooking steps.

304 Stainless Steel protective shell

Food grade, strong, durable, and easy to clean!

ace automated wok being cleaned
ace automated wok cooking stir fry by rotating 360 degrees

Adjustable rotating speed

Electronically controlled 360° automated cooking action.

Ideal for high food production environments

cooks stirring food in buffet pans
Restaurant Chains
restaurant for fine dining
Hotels and Inns
factory canteen break room filled with tables
Factory Canteens
restaurant with bright orange and yellow decorations
Takeout Restaurants
buffet line full of food
company cafeteria with long table
Company Cafeterias


23in x 20in x 22in
220-240v~, 50/60hz
Screen Size:
Control System:
Touch Screen
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