Get the most out of your new robots with helpful accessories.

matradee x food running robot with bussing bins on trays
Bus Tub
Large bus tubs for carrying dinnerware. Sized to fit Matradee’s trays, replaces the tray slot, but can be interchangeable.
matradee food running robot with cup holders on tray
Cup Holders
Cup holder attachments to better transport beverages and cups. Set of 2 holders, up to 6 cup holder attachments per tray.
magnetic tray covers for matradee l food running robot
Magnetic Tray Case for L Model
Plastic tray case with magnetic contact doors for all of Matradee L's trays. Open and close manually.
smart watch for matradee l
Smartwatch wearable to communicate with Matradee L. Send and command Matradee L remotely.
table locator system from richtech robotics
Table Location System
Table location system for dining settings where customers seat themselves.
matradee tray cover
Tray Covers
Clear tray covers for Matradee’s food trays. Add a simple cover for protection.

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