ADAM is an interactive robot bartender, barista, chef, and more!

Performs excellently in any fast-paced environment

Able to generate revenue 24/7, no breaks needed

adam the two armed robot
bar with all bar supplies
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Never before seen capability.

ADAM isn't just an awesome attraction that will draw attention to your business. ADAM is an efficient and reliable worker that can produce at unprecedented levels.


Run time


Max speed

Nothing says "WOW FACTOR" like a dancing, drink making robot

Are you looking to make your next event a hit? Look no further - ADAM has you covered. ADAM is available to rent as a bartender, barista, and much more!

Recent Installations

ADAM is popping up all around the country, serving delicious beverages with robotic precision. Here are a few recent newsworthy installations.

Manhattan's Favorite Barista

Botbar has partnered with Richtech Robotics to open up Manhattan's first robot powered coffee shop! At this Botbar location, ADAM offers both hot and iced coffee brewed to perfection.
Hot Coffee
Iced Coffee
Unique Menu Offerings

Brooklyn Gets Buzzin' with ADAM

In the heart of bustling Brooklyn, ADAM is shaping the future of coffee culture. Botbar has an ADAM indoors and an ADAM in a food truck outside that both serve delicious coffee.
Hot Coffee
Iced Coffee
Unique Menu Offerings

Brewing Coffee Innovation in Oakland

This Oakland coffee shop embraces the future, showcasing how technology can enhance the coffee experience while keeping the focus on quality and taste. With ADAM at the helm, Botbar promises a delightful coffee experience that's as bold and vibrant as the city it calls home.
Hot Coffee
Iced Coffee
Unique Menu Offerings

The Strip's Boba Robot

This ADAM is the lead barista at Cloutea, a robot-run boba shop on the Las Vegas strip. Cloutea is a creation of Richtech Robotics. We believe in the revenue generating power of ADAM so much that we're opening our own stores powered by ADAM's technology.
Boba Milk Tea
Cold Brew Coffee
Signature Drinks + Custom Drink Options

ADAM can generate revenue in many ways

adam the barista robot pouring creamer in coffee

Robot Barista

ADAM can use existing or new coffee machinery to make hot or cold drinks!

adam the bartender robot pouring a cocktail from a shaker into a glass

Robot Bartender

As a robot bartender, ADAM is efficient, precise, and instagram worthy.

adam the boba robot making boba tea

Robot Boba Tea

Precise movements enable ADAM to be trained as a skilled sous chef.

"The staff like it. It does really help because sometimes when they’re busy and they’re trying to get all the food out at one time."
ihop logo

Maria Cantoriana

Manager, IHOP at Sierra Vista Mall

"A team of two robots from Richtech Robotics fills in for roughly three human workers."
wesley enhanced living logo

Shawn Fontaine

Dining General Manager, Wesley Enhanced Living

"It’s making everything more efficient. People are coming in with their phones, recording, taking pictures. Everybody is loving it."
sugar mediterranean bistro logo

Ana Ortiz

General Manager, Sugar Mediterranean Bistro

"The robot is a great asset to the community and dietary team, as it doesn’t replace anyone but adds to the quality of service".
heritage woods of ottowa logo

Peggy Morgan

Administrator, Heritage Woods Assisted Living Community

“This robot can actually supplement our staff and make them more efficient."
longhorn village logo

Deidre Kinsey

CEO, Longhorn Village

We supply complete robotic solutions for businesses with varying needs

We've been delivering B2B solutions for over 20 years

We provide a cloud platform where you can track efficiency & production

Incredibly Productive

Able to be operated 24/7

Imagine the possibility of being able to generate revenue all day, every day. ADAM fits in perfectly in highly active environments where service can truly be 24/7. Provide an unparalleled standard of service in an exciting package with our ADAM solution.

adam the robot's face
ai cameras on the front of adam the robot
Extremely Accurate

Precision within ±.1mm

ADAM gives you the ability to leverage the power of ultimate precision. Have you grown accustom to drinks being over-poured? Food being portioned inconsistently? ADAM's uniform movements will ensure that your product is perfectly prepared, every time.

Highly Adaptable

Custom grips to fit any need

Our clients come to us with a wide variety of business problems that need solving. No matter the challenge, we are able to develop the hardware and software to accomplish any task.

the hands of adam the robot
adam the robot waiting to serve coffee
Ultra Capable

Six joints for ultimate flexibility

ADAM is more flexible than a human, with six joints that range from 180° to 270° in each arm. This gives ADAM the ability to perform complicated sequences effortlessly.

adam the bartending robot pouring cocktail ingredients into a shaker

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