The powerful automated floor cleaning machine that consistently impresses.

Provides professional cleaning like never before, without ever missing a shift.

dust-e mx floor cleaning robot facing right

Introducing DUST-E MX:

Floor cleaning revolutionized.
No matter how dynamic the environment, our DUST-E MX floor cleaning machine can adapt to provide efficient and safe cleaning.
Schools & Universities
Shopping Centers
Industrial Buildings
Commercial Buildings
& More!

Discover true peace of mind with automation solutions from Richtech Robotics

With the power of automated cleaning at your hands, you will never have to worry about the cleanliness of your floors again. Our robotics solutions are consistent and come with the customer service that defines Richtech Robotics' brand.

A closer look

DUST-E MX provides many useful and powerful features!

DUST-E MX was designed to be operated with safety, efficiency, and ease of use. These qualities make using DUST-E MX convenient and simple.

40+ Sensors for Safety

With a 360° view of its surroundings, DUST-E MX is always prepared for unexpected obstacles.

~22,000 sqft/hr Cleaning Efficiency

Clean your entire facility in a matter of hours, just from the touch of a button or task creation.

two dust-e mx robots face each other to show back and front of robot
Easy to Use Touchscreen

With intuitive controls and a touchscreen for operation, DUST-E MX is simple and easy to use.

Convenient Dirty Water Disposal

Simply detach the hose from the side of the body and empty dirty water into your drains.

dust-e mx cleaning a large industrial area
Excellent consistency

High-grade, professional quality cleaning, every time

Ready for a consistent cleaning job? DUST-E MX performs the highest standard cleaning job possible, every single time.

True versatility

Scrubbing pad options for effective cleaning on any floor type

We offer a variety of scrubbing pads that cater to each common floor type. This allows you to truly find the right robotic solution for your facility.

various types of flooring including tile, concrete, and a hardwood
dust-e mx cleaning a hardware store
Ideally sized

Optimally designed for large, dynamic environments with narrow passages

DUST-E MX was designed to be large enough to successfully execute large-scale cleaning tasks, while also disrupting anyone moving around the environment. Finding this middle ground is the key to success for DUST-E MX, and the main quality that sets it apart from its competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the questions that we are commonly asked about the DUST-E MX. If you have other questions that aren't mentioned here, use the button below to get in contact with us!

What is the work efficiency of DUST-E MX?

DUST-E MX cleans at a rate of 21,958 sqft/hr. DUST-E MX will continually clean its environment until it's finished, or until the water tank needs to be changed. Once the tank is replenished, it will continue its cleaning task from where it left off.

How does DUST-E MX navigate its environment safely?

DUST-E MX utilizes several sensors, including lidar, 3D depth camera, ultrasonic radar, and an electric bumper to safely and efficiently avoid obstacles.

How do you change the water tank?

We've conveniently designed a water emptying system for easy water flushing. Simply use the hose on the side of DUST-E MX to drain the dirty water, then fill the top compartment with fresh water and cleaning solution. It's that simple!

What size is DUST-E MX?

DUST-E MX measures in at 44 inches long, 22 inches wide, and 45 inches tall. This size allows DUST-E MX to easily pass through doorways, while also having a large enough water tank to clean efficiently.

What is the size of the water tank?

DUST-E MX uses a two tank system to scrub floors. The clean water tank has a capacity of 17 gallons, while the dirty water tank has a cleaning capacity of 13 gallons.

Can I use accessories with DUST-E MX?

Most definitely! In addition to the alternative scrubbing pad options that we offer for various floor types, we also offer a module that sits on top and sprays disinfecting spray into the air during operation.

More cleaning robots

If you are looking at automated solutions for your medium to small sized building, we have the perfect solution for you. DUST-E S delivers the same comprehensive cleaning quality as the MX - at a smaller size.


For smaller environments

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