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Seamless medical deliveries.
All day, every day.

Revolutionizing Medical Deliveries in Healthcare

Medbot is the elevator-enabled delivery robot specifically designed to revolutionize medication and essential item deliveries within the healthcare sector, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and secure chain of custody delivery.

Real Reliability

Our proven elevator integration method offers unparalleled reliability and efficiency


Deliverability Rate

Advanced Features for Seamless Operations

medbot medical delivery robot shows keypad on screen

Chain of custody technology for secure delivery

Medbot functions on chain of custody technology to safeguard medication deliveries in the healthcare industry. From loading to delivery, authenticated personnel are required to input their unique IDs, ensuring a secure and accountable process from start to finish.

Elevator-enabled technology for streamlined deliveries

Medbot's dependable elevator-enabled technology ensures smooth and efficient navigation through your facility, delivering medications without disruptions.

medbot medical delivery robot in an elevator

Automatic recharging for ultimate efficiency

Upon completing each task, Medbot returns to the charging station, waiting for the next task.

Versatile delivery options, tailored to your needs

Medbot's unique four-compartment design offers unmatched flexibility, allowing it to carry a variety of medical supplies and meet diverse delivery requirements with ease.

medbot medical delivery robot holds medical supplies
medbot medical delivery robot scans surroundings

Precise navigation and obstacle avoidance

Equipped with advanced sensors and detection technology, Medbot intelligently navigates through your facility, avoiding obstacles to ensure safe and efficient deliveries.

Versatile Applications of Medbot

Medbot serves a variety of healthcare delivery needs, from pharmacy deliveries to in-patient units to 'Meds-to-Beds' discharge medications. Discover how Medbot can optimize your facility's operations.

Elevating Healthcare Efficiency and Patient Care

Solves staffing shortages

Medbot relieves pressure on hospital staff by automating deliveries, ensuring efficient operations even during staffing shortages.

Works around the clock

With Medbot, you can rely on continuous 24/7 operation, ensuring that medical supplies reach patients and staff whenever needed, day or night.

Improves patient care

Medbot ensures secure and timely deliveries, guaranteeing optimal patient care through reliable medication distribution.

Reduces costs

With Medbot's efficient operations and reduced reliance on pharmacy staff, hospitals experience significant cost savings, optimizing budget allocation for other critical needs.

Trusted by Award Winning Medical Facilities

"Medbot has transformed our pharmacy operations. Deliveries are now efficient and discreet, improving patient satisfaction. With Medbot, we've been able to focus more on critical tasks, knowing that medication deliveries are in safe hands."

Steven Krung

CEO, Spartanburg Medical Hospital
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Technical Specifications

3.4’H * 1.7’L * 1.6’W
120 lbs
LiDAR, RGB, Depth camera, IMU
Battery Life
Charging Time
4 hrs
Max Payload
88 lbs
Maximum Speed
3.9 ft/s
Box Configuration
4 boxes (can be adjusted into 2, 3)
Total Carrying Size
20 Gal (9.8”H * 16.7”L * 14.1”W)
Single Box Size
9.8”H * 16.7”L * 7”W
Water-proof & Dust-proof
Whole body IP43, Battery IP66
Operating System
Android 12 + Linux
Wifi or 4G
Narrowest Passage Width
Maximum Incline
Maximum Floor Gap Width
Maximum Floor Ridge Traverse
ADAM Ramp Compliant
Advanced Data Analytics
Emergency Stop


How does Medbot ensure the security of medication deliveries?

Medbot implements advanced chain of custody technology, requiring authenticated personnel to input their unique IDs at each step of the delivery process. This ensures a secure and accountable process from loading to delivery.

Can Medbot operate continuously without interruptions?

Yes, Medbot is designed for continuous 24/7 operation, ensuring that medical supplies reach patients and staff whenever needed, day or night.

How does Medbot navigate through healthcare facilities to make deliveries?

Medbot utilizes dependable elevator-enabled technology for smooth and efficient navigation, ensuring deliveries without disruptions. Additionally, it is equipped with precise sensors and obstacle detection technology for safe and efficient navigation through facilities.

What types of deliveries can Medbot accommodate?

Medbot's versatile four-compartment design allows it to carry a variety of medical supplies, meeting diverse delivery requirements with ease. From pharmacy deliveries to in-patient units to discharge medications, Medbot is tailored to optimize healthcare facility operations.

How does Medbot contribute to cost savings for healthcare facilities?

By automating deliveries and reducing reliance on pharmacy staff, Medbot significantly lowers operating costs for healthcare facilities. This optimization in operations allows for budget allocation to other critical needs within the facility.

Never stress about medical deliveries again

Medbot streamlines pharmacy operations, reduces costs, and enhances patient satisfaction. Join the future of healthcare delivery with Medbot by your side.