Eliminate errors, empower your
employees, boost your profits.

parts delivery robot

Titan increases efficiency and revenue by streamlining delivery, allowing your employees to work faster and smarter.

warehouse with delivery robots

Boost revenue

Reduce time wasted on manual delivery and assign your employees to revenue generating tasks.

Save on labor costs

Titan is a dependable and tireless worker, allowing you to reduce your reliance on human runners.

Reduce errors

Eliminate miscommunication, distraction, and other delays that come with manual delivery.

Dependable output, all day

Rest easy knowing that Titan will deliver a baseline level of productivity that you can rely on all day.

Quick and easy implementation

Get up and running with Titan in just one day.

Better customer experience

Faster delivery times lead to more value-add tasks getting accomplished, ultimately resulting in a better customer experience.

Case Study: Titan Revolutionizes Parts Delivery at Mercedes-Benz of Plano, Texas

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delivery robot with heavy load

Deliver heavy loads with ease

Titan is able to transport up to 330lbs at a single time, making it an ideal solution for nearly any delivery task.

Extended battery life for seamless performance

With a battery life ranging from 10 to 24 hours, depending on usage, Titan ensures uninterrupted service throughout your workday.

delivery robot charges
warehouse delivery robot spots obstacles

Navigate with confidence

Advanced obstacle avoidance technology enables Titan to maneuver effortlessly through any environment, ensuring smooth and safe operation.

Adaptable to any floor

From smooth warehouse floors to rugged shop environments, Titan works seamlessly on virtually any surface, ensuring consistent performance wherever it goes.

warehouse delivery robot drives on different floors

Optimize Your Workflow with Titan

Step 1

Load the attachment with parts.

Step 2

Place the attachment in the loading zone.

Step 3

Titan picks up the load and begins delivery.

Step 4

Titan delivers the parts to the technician.

Step 5

Titan proceeds to the next delivery or returns to charge.

Technical Specifications

4’ H * 2.3’ L * 1.6’ W
165 lbs
LiDAR, RGB, Depth camera, IMU
Battery Life
Charging Time
Max Payload
330 lbs
Lifting Height
Lifting Speed
Non-Lifting Speed
Up to 60”/s
Water-proof & Dust-proof
Whole body IP43, Battery IP66
Operating System
Android 11 + Linux (Ubuntu)
Wifi or 4G
Narrowest Passage Width
Maximum Floor Gap Width
Maximum Floor Ridge Traverse
ADAM Ramp Compliant
Advanced Data Analytics
Emergency Stop


Will Titan replace my employees?

Absolutely not! Titan is designed to work alongside your employees, not replace them. It will free up their valuable time spent fetching items, allowing them to focus on more complex tasks. This will ultimately lead to a more efficient and productive team.

Implementing a robot seems complex. What about training?

Don't worry, Titan is easy to implement! Our team will handle the one-day setup, and the user interface is intuitive, requiring minimal training for your staff. We even offer ongoing support to ensure smooth operation.

What happens if Titan breaks down or malfunctions? What about safety?

Titan is built for reliability and includes a service package. Additionally, it has advanced safety features like obstacle avoidance and LiDAR technology.  This ensures safe navigation in your shop environment, minimizing downtime and maintaining a safe workspace.

Will Titan disrupt our current workflow?

Titan is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing workflow. It can navigate around employees and objects, and adapt to your business’s layout.  We will work with you to ensure a smooth transition and maximize Titan's efficiency within your current system.

See how Titan can revolutionize your operations!