Richtech Robotics Showcases Robotic Solutions Addressing Labor Shortage Challenges at The Hospitality Show

Richtech Robotics Showcases Robotic Solutions Addressing Labor Shortage Challenges at The Hospitality Show

Timothy Tanksley
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Richtech Robotics, a pioneering leader in advanced robotic solutions, is thrilled to announce its participation in The Hospitality Show 2023. With a mission to combat the pressing challenges posed by continued labor shortages, Richtech Robotics is set to showcase its groundbreaking innovations that revolutionize the hospitality industry.

With a staggering 87% of hotels and 60% of restaurants unable to fill open employment positions, it has become increasingly critical for businesses to explore new avenues for operational stabilization and efficiency. (Source: American Hotel and Lodging Association)

By seamlessly integrating advanced robotics into various hospitality operations, Richtech Robotics has helped countless businesses alleviate staffing challenges, streamline workflows, enhance guest experiences, and be more competitive. 

Attendees are invited to visit booth 417, where they will witness firsthand the wide array of robotic solutions that Richtech Robotics has successfully deployed in hotels and restaurants: ADAM, Matradee L, Richie, and DUST-E.

ADAM is Richtech Robotics' dual-armed robotic platform, which crafts over 100 delicious drinks with unmatched precision and speed, while also entertaining guests with conversation and dancing. ADAM empowers businesses to provide an entirely new and exciting experience to their guests, thus setting them apart from their competition while also enjoying the labor saving benefits that robotics provides. ADAM will be running his boba tea program at the Hospitality Show.

Matradee L is an advanced food serving robot that streamlines meal delivery, enabling restaurants to serve food up to 3x more efficiently. Successfully deployed across the USA, Matradee L is helping businesses such as Golden Corral and Boyd Gaming improve their operations and combat labor shortage.

DUST-E SX is Richtech’s latest floor cleaning robot. Able to sweep and vacuum restaurants, hotels, and other large scale facilities, DUST-E SX ensures a pristine environment while reducing reliance on manual labor.

Richie is a hotel delivery robot designed to enhance guest service by efficiently transporting items to rooms. This reduces the guest’s wait time and cost for room service. It also relieves stress on already overburdened cleaning and front desk staff, allowing them to attend more pressing duties.

"We are excited to present our innovative robotic solutions at The Hospitality Show," said Timothy Tanksley, Marketing Director at Richtech Robotics. "Our goal is to provide game-changing technologies that enable hospitality businesses to overcome labor shortage challenges and drive operational excellence."

Richtech Robotics is committed to bringing people together by automating the tasks that keep them apart. By doing so, robotic integrations not only preserve but also enhance businesses’ capacity for human interaction.

"We invite all attendees to join us at booth 417 to learn more about our robotic solutions," added Timothy. "Together, we can overcome labor shortages, streamline operations, and elevate the guest experience to new heights."

For more information about Richtech Robotics and its groundbreaking robotic solutions, please visit or call 1-866-236-3835.

About Richtech Robotics:

Richtech Robotics is a pioneering leader in advanced robotic solutions, dedicated to transforming industries with innovative automation technologies. With a steadfast commitment to addressing labor shortage challenges, Richtech Robotics delivers cutting-edge robotic systems that optimize operations, streamline processes, and elevate customer experiences across various sectors.

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Timothy Tanksley

Marketing Director

Richtech Robotics


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timothy tanksley the director of marketing of richtech robotics
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Timothy Tanksley
Timothy Tanksley is the director of marketing of Richtech Robotics and a former member of the technical team. From childhood onwards, Timothy has tinkered with robotics and automation and loved every minute of it.

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