Robot Beer? ADAM Makes History as the First Humanoid Robot to Bartend a US Sports Event

Robot Beer? ADAM Makes History as the First Humanoid Robot to Bartend a US Sports Event

Timothy Tanksley
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On September 10th, at Toyota Arena, history was made.

ADAM became the first AI powered humanoid robot to bartend at a major US sports event.

adam the beer robot pours an ipa
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ADAM's abilities were on full display at the MASL USA vs. Mexico All Star Game as it served up ice-cold brews provided by Rowdy's Brewery to thirsty spectators. The beer choices were the IPA "All I Need" and the Blonde Ale "Over Gold," each offering a unique flavor profile.

a happy customer takes a beer from adam
ADAM quickly became a crowd favorite

Fans and tech enthusiasts gathered to witness this feat of innovation and automation. ADAM served the beers with the kind of expertise you'd expect from a seasoned bartender, leaving the crowd wondering what the future holds. Phones were whipped out left and right, with people eager to share what they were seeing on social media.

When ADAM wasn't pouring beers, he was starting dance parties. Onlookers couldn't resist joining in as ADAM busted out some sweet dance moves.

adam shows off his dancing skills
ADAM shows off a signature move from one of his dances

Robots have been making strides in various industries for decades, but ADAM's presence at Toyota Arena marked a turning point in integrating robotics into our daily lives. It showcased the capabilities of modern technology and the potential for human-robot collaboration in high-volume entertainment settings.

Many phones were pulled out to record ADAM serving craft beer

But what does this mean for the future? ADAM's performance at the game highlighted the endless possibilities of human-robot partnerships. While ADAM's role was primarily focused on bartending, it also showcased its ability to interact with people, enhancing the overall event experience.

adam hands a beer to jeff burum
ADAM hands a beer to Jeff Burum, the owner of the Empire Strykers

As we reflect on this historic moment, Richtech Robotics remains committed to pushing the boundaries of technology and exploring new horizons. ADAM's presence at the USA vs. Mexico all-star game is just the beginning of the future for artificially intelligent robots like ADAM in entertainment, hospitality, and beyond.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights into robotics and automation. Cheers to innovation and a future filled with exciting possibilities!

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timothy tanksley the director of marketing of richtech robotics
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Timothy Tanksley
Timothy Tanksley is the director of marketing of Richtech Robotics and a former member of the technical team. From childhood onwards, Timothy has tinkered with robotics and automation and loved every minute of it.

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