richie robot facing front

The hotel robot that works all day and night

Richie takes item delivery to the next level - literally! This high-tech step in robotics boasts elevator riding technology to deliver food, drink, and other items to guests while ensuring security and efficiency.

Say Hello to RICHIE

The hotel robot that avoids obstacles, promotes stable operations, and is simple to operate

Smart Features

Avoids collisions and obstacles

Automatically charges

Intelligent mapping

Uses elevators autonomously

richie hotel butler robot wanders through hotel hallways

Perfect for all your delivery needs

richie robot navigating through hotel hallways

Food and beverage delivery

Meal delivery to guests

richie hotel butler robot delivers item to guest

Discreet delivery for guests

Item delivery as needed

richie hotel butler robot rides up hotel elevators

Able to operate and ride elevators

Guest guide/food delivery

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