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Sturdy Build. Sleek Design. Smart Interface.


Easy to set up for immediate use 

12-14 hour battery life for all-day shifts

Returns to charging base automatically


Avoids collisions by navigating around obstacles

Compact build capable of navigating within a 24 inch space

Low center of gravity for a stable operation


Customizable and autonomous 


Can be programmed to sync with your current “technology”

Utilize multiple Matradee robots to run at once

Business Values

Looking to step into the future? Matradee is designed with your business in mind. Automate your business, and save money on your employee budget. Find out why Matradee is the superior choice for a special guest experience.


A sturdy build, sleek design, and smart interface make Matradee the ultimate solution so you can spend less, and make more. Equipped with its own voice, Matradee will quickly become your restaurant’s BFF (Best Food Friend). You’ll bring a unique experience to your business, and step into the future where efficiency and guest experience reign supreme.

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Updated May 19, 2021| Posted May 18, 2021

New Jersey News 12 Staff

Posted May 11, 2021

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Updated May 19, 2021| Posted May 19, 2021

CBS Philly Channel 3 

Posted May 7, 2021


Cleaning Assistant


Security Patroller

Building Disinfector


Announcer & Promoter

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Provide engaging, precise, and complete service with ADAM.


Engage with customers with a practical and captivating ​solution

Utilize in high traffic environments to run 24/7



Complete and autonomous service

Equipped with all necessary components to operate

ARM modules to provide precise 

repeatable handling

Programmable to ensure correct 

sequence every time